Gli anni Falck

The Falck Years
Directed by Giusi Castelli, Francecsco GattiItalian title: The Falck Years
Italy / 2007 / 38'

In the most exciting years of Italian industrial history, Riccardo Lampugnani, a future manager at “Acciaierie e Ferriere Lombarde Falck”, starts shooting a personal video-journal of his life with the Falck family. It is made up of super8 films, accompanied by essential sound editing and simple voice-over comments in a joyous tone close to Fellini’s La dolce vita, and documenting the family’s holidays along with their official visits. Lampugnani’s excited voice comments on the golden years of those industries, portraying dams, machines and blast furnaces in a fond tone, just like a father may talk about his children. His archive suddenly stops in 1990. A few years later Falck industries will become a grand example of industrial archaeology.

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