Goodnight Irene

Buonanotte Irene
Directed by Paolo Marinou-BlancoItalian title: Buonanotte Irene
Portugal / 2007 / 100'
Robert Pugh, Nuno Lopes, Rita Loureiro, Amadeu Caronho, Virgilio Gança

Lisbon, Portugal. Present day. Alex and Bruno may as well live in another place, at another time. An elderly English misanthrope and a failed actor, Alex earns his living as a dubber of dull travel videos. He waits for cancer to put an end to his issues and whisky is his only way to get some sleep. A reclusive young locksmith, Bruno lives on a crazy obsession. As time goes by, he breaks into people’s homes and “records” their lives, their things, their correspondence and photographs, their tastes, the perfume they wear. He then stores everything in the archive he keeps in the back of his shop. Grotesquely enough, one day the two of them have a chance to meet. They share a fascination for Irene, a charming painter who seems to enjoy the peace and joy they despairingly lost. One day, though, Irene disappears.

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