Hello, Dolly!

BFM — 42
BFM — 42
Hello, Dolly!
09 March
Sala dell’Orologio – Piazza della Libertà
Directed by Gene KellyItalian title: Hello, Dolly!
Usa / 1969 / 146 min.
col. / O.V. / Subtitles: o.v. sub. it.
Barbra Streisand (Dolly Levi), Walter Matthau (Horace Vandergelder), Michael Crawford (Cornelius Hackl), Marianne McAndrew (Irene Molloy), Danny Lockin (Barnaby Tucker), E.J. Peaker (Minnie Fay), Joyce Ames (Ermengarda Vandergelder), Louis Armstrong

Dolly is a charming widow who is a wedding procurer. When he decides to remarry, he sets his sights on the merchant Horace Vandergelder. However, he is in love with the beautiful Irene Mallow and is too busy to ruin the engagement between his niece Ermengarda and the painter Ambrogio. Dolly will take care of it with her ability and charm to put everything back in order.

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