Il vedovo

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BFM — 39
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Directed by Dino RisiItalian title: Il vedovo
Italy / 1959 / 100 min.
Black and white / O.V. / Subtitles: sub. it.
Alberto Sordi (Alberto Nardi), Franca Valeri (Elvira Almiraghi), Livio Lorenzon (il marchese Stucchi), Nando Bruno (zio Armando), Ruggero Marchi (Carlo Fenoglio), Gastone Bettanini (Minelli), Mario Passante (Comm. Albertoni), Elena Ruffo (Gioia, l’amante di Alberto)

Alberto Nardi (Alberto Sordi) is a Roman businessman who fancies himself a man of great capabilities, but whose factory (producing lifts and elevators) tethers perennially on the brink of catastrophe.

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Il vedovo (1959)

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