Meeting with
Anna Karina

BFM — 34
BFM — 34
09 March
Bookshop – Piazza della Libertà – Bergamo

Hosted by Jean Douchet, film critic, teacher, director and author of many publications on Jean-Luc Godard, Anna Karina will meet the audience at the Bookshop in Piazza della Libertà.

The actress will be in Bergamo during the Festival, from 9 to 13 March 2016.

Of Danish descent, arrived in France in 1958, she began her career as a model for Pierre Cardin and Coco Chanel. She was noticed by Jean-Luc Godard, with whom she begins a journey that will see as the protagonist of eight of his films, and whom she marries in 1961: an artistic and personal partnership that lasted until 1968. The first movie is Le Petit Soldat (1960), where she played the part of Veronica Dreyer, a former model romantically bound to a right-wing terrorist. Thanks to Godard, in those years she became an icon of the Nouvelle Vague, the paradigm of a free woman who thinks and lives outside the box, a restless dreamer who moves within narrative plots continuously twisted by the French Director, with echoes that range from noir to thriller to the road movie. Meanwhile, she takes on significant leading roles in Suzanne Simonin, la religieuse de Denis Diderot (The Nun, 1966) by Jacques Rivette – based on the story by Diderot, one of her most intense interpretations – and The Stranger (1967) by Luchino Visconti. After this very intense period, we find her in films by directors of great international importance: Laughter in the Dark (1969) by Tony Richardson, Bread and Chocolate (1974) by Franco Brusati and Chinesisches Roulette(Chinese Roulette, 1976) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. An extremely versatile personality, in 1973 she makes her directorial debut with Vivre ensemble, in which she also acts. She collaborated on the screenplay and acted in Last Song, by her husband Dennis Berry, in 1987. For the theater, she acts, among other things, in the adaptation of Rivette’s The Nun and Ingmar Bergman’s Après le repitition. Anna Karina also has to his credit a substantial singing career. In the early 1960s she interprets two major French hits from the era, Roller Girl and Sous le soleil exactement, both from the musical comedy Anna by Serge Gainsbourg, where she sings seven songs alongside Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Brialy.