Meeting with
Dominique Cabrera

BFM — 35
BFM — 35
12 March
Bookshop – Piazza della Libertà – Bergamo

Dominique Cabrera will be present at the Festival from March 11 to 14. The director will meet the audience Sunday, March the 12th at 7PM at BFM Bookshop (Bergamo, Piazza della Libertà).

With a career that dates back to the early 80s, French filmmaker Dominique Cabrera is a director of fiction features and documentaries, as well as an actress, producer, teacher and writer. Born into a family of pied-noir, the French Algerians repatriated after independence, Dominique Cabrera retained strong identity roots with Algeria that, together with her political activism and attention to social issues, are the leitmotif of her production. After her first short films and documentaries, focused on the issues and contradictions of the banlieues, together with Jean-Pierre Thorn and Alban Poirier she founded a production company, the Ergonaute, with the goal of producing films focussed on labour and political issues. Her first feature films, L’autre côté de la mer (1996), starring Claude Brasseur as a pied-noir torn between two homelands, and Nadia et les Hippopotames (Nadia and the Hippos, 1999), with Ariane Ascaride, that deals with the SNCF (French railways) strikes of 1995, were both presented at Cannes. Her next film, Le lait de la tendresse humaine (The milk of human kindness, 2001) received a special mention in Locarno for best ensemble cast performance; its cast includes Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. It was followed by Folle embellie (A Wonderful Spell, 2004), with Jean-Pierre Léaud and Miou-Miou, winner of the prize of the Ecumenical jury at the Berlinale and inspired by a real event of World War II, when a group of asylum inmates managed to escape thanks to an air raid; and Quand la ville mord, an episode of “Suite Noire”, one of the most popular detective series by France 2. After the TV movie Ça ne peut pas continuer comme ça(2012) she made an autobiographical documentary, Grandir (formerly O heureux jours!, 2013) about the story of her family. Selected at Cannes, the film received the Potemkin award at Cinéma du Réel. Her latest feature film, Corniche Kennedy(2016), based on a novel by Maylis de Kerangal and starring emerging actress Lola Creton, will premiere in Italy at Bergamo Film Meeting.