BFM 37 in Milan: meeting with Karpo Godina

BFM — 37
BFM — 37
12 March
FilmTv Lab – Milano

Tuesday, the 12th of March Karpo Godina will be at FilmTvLab: protagonist of the retrospective of the 37th edition of Bergamo Film Meeting, he will discuss with the public and, after the meeting, his movie Red Boogie will be screened.

Red Boogie

Rdeči boogie ali Kaj ti je deklica
Jugoslavia, Slovenia, 1982, 85’, col.
Director: Karpo Godina

Comedy about a group of musicians who are sent to play to villagers and workers to raise morale during a 5 year plan. The trouble is they prefer to play jazz and boogie music to the traditional folk songs, and each time they try their jazz they are reprimanded by the local party secretary.


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