Meeting with
Keren Cytter

BFM — 34
BFM — 34
10 March
Bookshop – Piazza della Libertà – Bergamo

Keren Cytter, protagonist of BFM 34 section Cinema and Contemporary Art, will meet the audience at the Bookshop in Piazza della Libertà.

Keren Cytter’s Retrospective will be screened during the Festival; her work is an investigation of the boundaries between fact and fiction, whereby the use of non-professional actors and cameramen highlights the artist’s will to downplay today’s film industry, to reach the deepest roots of film language and to face existential issues such as hate and love – life’s very core – by way of a seemingly elementary irony.
Keren Cytter was born in Tel Aviv (Israel) in 1977. She currently lives and works in New York. Her works were exhibited at Tate Modern, London, Stedeljik Museum, Amsterdam and Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

In cooperation The Blank