Directed by Svetla TsotsorkovaItalian title: Sete
Bulgary / 2015 / 90'
Monika Naidenova (la ragazza/the girl), Alexander Benev (il ragazzo/the boy), Svetlana Yancheva (la madre del ragazzo/the boy’s mother), Ivaylo Hristov (il padre del ragazzo/the boy’s father), Vas

In their house on a hilltop, a family ekes out a living doing the laundry for local hotels. But the terrible drought affecting the region is likely to endanger their business. For this reason, one day, they decide to seek help from a teenager diviner and his father, a well-digger, who promise to find a source in their property. So far, between the sheets hunging out in the sun and swept by the wind, the drought that plows the ground and smashes the soul, begin to come out needs soothed from a long time (and the sharp urgency in fulfilling them). The presence of the man and the girl will be the detonator in the lives of them all, bringing to the surface the hawareness of a thirst for far greater than the simple need for water.

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