Jedan dan u Sarajevu

Un giorno a Sarajevo
Directed by Jasmila ŽbanicItalian title: Un giorno a Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia / 2015 / 59'

Causes and consequences of the assassination that happened hundred years ago in Sarajevo still echo throughout Europe. On June 28, 1914 Gavrilo Princip shot Austro-Hungarian heir presumptive Franz Ferdinand. The assassination was used as a cause for the First World War that marked the beginning of the 20th century. Hundred years later Sarajevo is paying tribute to that day. People interpret and react differently to the event. The film speaks about different aspects of events that happened on that day using materials shot by citizens of Sarajevo (with mobile phones and small cameras) and contrasting their material with sequences from movies dedicated to the assassination and made by directors from Austria, Bosnia, Great Britain. This is a story about one special day but also about everyday life in Sarajevo where weddings, funerals, loves, official ceremonies and political protests are happening in the same time. Through an artistic interpretation of director Jasmila Zbanic, this movie is an entertaining document on human nature and the city in which 20th century has started and ended.

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