Kavijar koneks?n

The Caviar Connection
Directed by Dragan NikolicItalian title: The Caviar Connection
Serbia, USA, Sweden, UK, Finland, The Netherlands / 2008 / 58'

On and around the Danube river, a few locals try to eke out a living by fishing. They all dream about finding a fat sturgeon in their nets, whose eggs are worth their weight in gold. The voice-over in such observing documentary is a sturgeon’s, who introduces the main characters: brothers Ivan and Dragan. The film follows the two brothers during the barren seasons in their daily worries: the painful awakening after yet another late and drunk night; the careful preparation of the boat and nets; the quarrels with other fishermen about territories; the disappointing catch. The drudgery is occasionally interrupted by a bingo drive in the dirty village centre, where people fill in the numbers while a porn movie plays in the background, or by an absurdist local court session about territories, which leaves unclear who the witness, the accused and the plaintiff is. A fishing ban enforced by the EU eventually causes even more trouble…

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