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BFM — 39
BFM — 39
Nine Months

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Directed by Márta MészárosItalian title: Nove mesi
Hungary / 1976 / 90 min.
Colour / O.V. / Subtitles: sub. it.
Lili Monori, Jan Nowicki, Kati Berek, Djoko Rosic, Hedvig Demeter, Ildikó Szabó, Mária Dudás, Gyöngyvér Vígh

Juli has a job as a semi-skilled worker in a brick factory while she pursues a correspondence course in agrarian science. Her works manager falls in love with her and a passionate affair develops. The girl wants a sincere and open relationship but still she hides the fact that she already has a child born out of wedlock. The man is frequently aggressive and looks on her as his property, much like his house that is being built. When her secret is revealed the man is not prepared to acknowledge Juli’s son in front of his own family. Juli has to stand up for her own freedom and decisions. She does not marry the man even though she is pregnant. She gives birth to her second child, thus deciding on an independent life and the isolation that goes with this instead of staying with the man.


«Lili Monori represented a completely different style of acting, she acted differently, she existed differently to other actresses. She is unchecked, she lives with every fibre of her being, she suffers or delights if needs be – it’s not acting. […] I like it when an actor can cry and laugh in the same scene. […] When I told her that I wanted to make a film with her it turned out she was pregnant. This is exactly what the film is about. I wanted her to give birth in front of the camera. It came as no surprise when she agreed.»

(Márta Mészáros: My Diary. Budapest, Pelikán Könyvek, 1993. 73-74.)

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