Directed by Petr ZelenkaItalian title: Bottonieri
Czech Republic / 1997 / 102'
Pavel Zajícek (il moderatore di Radio1), Svetlana Svobodová (la donna giapponese), František Cerný (il tassista), Vladimír Dlouhý (lo psicologo), Marek Najbrt (il paziente)

Twist of fate and the twists of mind of the characters (mostly couples) combine in just the right twinkled absurd way in the interweaving episodes of this comedy. Each of the characters gets a good shot at being sarcastic and each is a sorry loser at some point yet none is turned into the butt of the joke. The place is Prague and the time is August 6th, 1995, except for one episode, set 50 years earlier in unflyable rain in the city of Kokura, Japan.

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