Koyaa – Živahna Kanta

BFM — 39
BFM — 39
Koyaa – Trippy Trashcan

Available online April 26th and 27th on Cineteca di Milano

Directed by Kolja SaksidaItalian title: Koyaa - bidone saltellante [t.l.]
Slovenia / 2019 / 3 min.
Colour / no dialogue

Koyaa is painting an iron chair outside, but he notices he’s got some of the blue paint on the metal trashcan. He tries wiping the stain off, but that just smears it around, so he decides to paint the whole can blue instead. The can resists, rolling off on its little wheels, racing and chomping about as it plants itself on the newspaper used by Mr Raven to build his birdhouse. Koyaa needs a clever way to catch it!


Koyaa – Živahna Kanta (Koyaa – Trippy Trashcan, 2019, short)
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