Kratki stiki

Short Circuits
Directed by Janez LapajneItalian title: Short Circuits
Slovenia / 2006 / 105'
Tjasa Zeleznik), Grega Zorc, Jernej Sugman, Sebastijan Cavazza, Boris Cavazza, Mojca Funkl, Vito Taufer

It’s an ordinary night in an ordinary urban landscape. A lonely bus driver runs into a newborn child in a paper box at the terminus. He heads for the hospital but doesn’t go inside the ER. He will try and find its mother instead. A nice, attractive doctor takes care of a businessman paralysed after a car accident. He is prone to self-pity and angry at the whole world, she will nonetheless get close to him. A desperate father tries to save the life of his son, who is accidentally been shot by a gun; they should have spent the weekend together. The film is made up of weird everyday situations which become the core of delicate stories of human bonds and relationships. Feelings of sympathy and guilt intermingle and mirror one another, thus driving the characters to confront each other on their different views of the world and of the events they come to be involved in. Reality is never simply what you can see. “Kratki stiki” literally indicates an electric failure but metaphorically stands for a series of semantic short circuits, lost meanings, errors, Freudian slips and revealing misunderstandings.

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