La dune

The Dune
Directed by Yossi AviramItalian title: The Dune
France / Israel / 2013 / 87’
Niels Arestrup (Reuven Vardi), Lior Ashkenazi (Hanoch), Guy Marchand (Paolo), Emma de Caunes (Fabienne), Moni Moshonov (Fogel), Jean-Quentin Chatelain (Jacques Audiberti), Mathieu Amalric (Moreau)

Hanoch owns a bike repair shop in a town in Israel, filling his time playing chess with his old friend Fogel. When his wife tells him she’s pregnant, he realizes he’s not prepared to be a father. Meanwhile, in France, missing-persons investigator Reuven Vardi is about to put an end to his career. After a case ended up bad, he feels depressed and thinks it’s time to retire. One day Hanoch appears in France, discreetly trailing Reuven and then heading to the coast in the southwest Landes region. There, one morning, he’s found on the beach, mute and without ID. Reuven is called down to investigate. But the silent man’s mystery is difficult to crack

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