La Fiuma. Incontri sul Po e dintorni

She River. Encounters by the River Po and Surrounding
Directed by Rossella SchillaciItalian title: She River. Encounters by the River Po and Surrounding
Italy / 2008 / 67'

This is an anthropologically-oriented documentary about Italy’s Big River, the Po, and its surroundings. It is a journey among small villages, life-stories, night songs, bridges, legends on sheat-fish, traditions, changes and pollution. During our research with ethnographer Corrado Barozzi, we were struck by the fact that in the old local dialect the Po was called “la fiöma” (“the river” with an ‘a’, a feminine ending, in Italian), which also means “the flood”. This is a totally feminine way of conceptualizing the river, and of connecting it to the idea of abundance, fertility and creation. Being involved in a constant estrangement exercise, we went looking for minor, marginal places, where different ways of living by the river (and of thinking of the river) have developed in the course of history.

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