The Painting at Cinema Nuovo Eden in Brescia

BFM — 38
BFM — 38
08 March
Nuovo Eden – Brescia

On the occasion of the retrospective dedicated to Jean-François Laguionie, Le tableau (The Painting, France, Belgium, Canada, 2011, 80′) will be screened in Brescia.

Allduns, Halfies and Sketchies are the three social classes that coexist within a painting depicting a castle immersed in the forest. Lola is a young female Halfie determined to embark on a quest to find the painter and question them about the reason for such inequality within their creation. Accompanied by two other friends from each class – Ramo, an Alldun in love with a Halfie, and the Sketchie Plume – Lola will find a way to solve the riddle.

The film will be preceded by the short film Une bombe par hasard (A Random Bomb, Jean-François Laguionie, 1969, 9′).

After an unexploded bomb drops in the middle of a small town, the residents take refuge on a nearby hill to avoid disaster. A clumsy vagabond arrives and wreaks havoc in the deserted village until the residents, who had been helplessly watching his antics from afar decide they can’t take it anymore and rush back to the village to drive away the unwelcomed guest. Will the bomb ever explode?

In collaboration with Cinema Nuovo Eden Brescia

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