L’angoscia e l’estasi

BFM — 42
BFM — 42
The Angst and the Bliss
10 February
Auditorium – Piazza della Libertà
Directed by Mangoosta Italian title: L’angoscia e l’estasi
Italy, France / 2022 / 15 min.
col., animazione mista / O.V. / Subtitles: o.v. sub. it.

On the night of July 14, 1933, the writer Raymond Roussel closed the door of his room at the Hotel Des Palmes in Palermo. She swallows pills, drags the mattress to the center of the room and lies down. The next morning his girlfriend, accompanied by a valet, finds his body. But is he really dead? Or did you just cross a line you considered unacceptable, between reality and imagination?

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