Láska pod kapotou

BFM — 40
BFM — 40
At Full Throttle
28 March
Directed by Miro RemoItalian title: A tutto gas [t.l.]
Czech Republic, Slovakia / 2021 / 85 min.O.V. / Subtitles: it./en.

Fifty-something former miner Jaroslav whose health has thwarted his lifelong dream to become a racing driver, has found new hope and energy in his new relationship with his school-crush Jitka. She is currently the only active female autocross driver in the Czech Republic and Jaroslav keeps building race cars out of used vehicles for her. Together, they’re hoping for a victory but the frustrations and delusions of the past are never too far away.

Presentation with the director


Miro Remo (Miroslav Remo) – (Ladce, Slovakia, 1983) grew up in the industrial town of Ladce in northwestern Slovakia. He abandoned his studies of mechatronics at Trenčín University immediately after being accepted to the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, where he studied documentary directing. His films were screened and awarded at various festivals around the world, especially Arsy-Versy, an original short cinematic portrait of his uncle and grandmother.

Essential filmography

Láska pod kapotou (Full Throttle, doc, 2021)
Richard Müller: Undiscovered (doc, 2016)
Cooltúra (Coolture, doc, 2016)
Comeback (doc, 2014)
Vrbovian Wind (doc, 2014)
Chill (doc, 2011)
Arsy–Versy (short, 2009)
Ecce Homo (short, 2008)
Cold Joint (short, 2007)
Jano (short, 2004)

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