Lásky jedné plavovlásky

Gli amori di una bionda
Directed by Miloš FormanItalian title: Gli amori di una bionda
Czechoslovakia / 1965 / 85'
Hana Brejchová (Andula), Vladimír Pucholt (Milda), Vladimír Menšík (Vacovský), Ivan Kheil (Manas), Jirí Hrubý (Burda)

Out in the Czech countryside, a shoe factory owner petitions the People’s Army to station a division of soldiers in his town, where the women outnumber the men sixteen to one. The arrival of the troops is greeted with great excitement, but the girls in the town are disappointed to see that the men are older reservists, and not the strapping young men they’d envisioned.

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