Le départ
at Spazio Oberdan, Milano

BFM — 37
BFM — 37
07 March
Spazio Oberdan – Milano

Thursday, the 7th of March at Spazio Oberdan, 9.15PM, the screening of The Departure (Le départ) by Jerzy Skolimowski preceded by a meeting with the film critic Andrea Chimento.

The departure

Le départ
Belgium, 1967, 93 min., b/w

Jean-Pierre Léaud (Marc), Paul Roland (il capo), Catherine Duport (Michèle), Jacqueline Bir (la cliente del salone di parrucchiere), Léon Dony (il venditore di automobili), Paul Frère (se stesso)

Marc is a young hairdresser in Brussels who is crazy about cars. Hoping his boss will lend him his Porsche 911S, he has entered for a rally. However, his boss says he is using the car that weekend. After failing to con a dealer into a loan, he decides to sell everything he has. In the process he meets an attractive girl called Michèle, who supports his plan, and the two end up shut inside the Brussels Motor Show for the night.

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