Le monde nous appartient

The World Belongs to Us
Directed by Stephan StrekerItalian title: The World Belongs to Us
Belgium / 2012 / 88'
Arthur Dupont (Simon), Guillaume Gouix (Julien), Jean-Paul Bonnaire (Luc), Claudine Pelletier (Monique), Jackie Berroyer (Jean-Marie), Anne-Pascal Clairembourg (Sylvie), Eugénie Anselin (Maya), Cathe

Brussels? banlieue, night, a young man sits alone on a bridge. Despite his bloody hand, he seems serene, almost resigned. A few meters away, a body wrapped in a white plastic bag is carried into an ambulance. The young man is Julien. He is a professional football player who lives with his father. On the other side, Pouga: a young rebel who lives by his wits and petty theft but dreams of driving classy cars and living the high life. Even though they never met, Julien and Pouga are very much alike. They share the same thirst for the absolute, they could be friends, but they are unaware that their fates will be inexorably crossed.

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