BFM 36 First Prize winner will be screened in Milan

07 July
Anteo Palazzo del Cinema – Milano

Cinema’s Ways/Le vie del cinema” is back: from 19th to 27th September 2018 a rich selection of films from the best International Festivals.
BFM 36 First Prize winner will be screened along with a selection of films from internationally acclaimed Festivals.

Iscelitel (Ingrediente segreto)
by Gjorce Stavreski
Repubblic of Macedonia, 2017, 104′

Skopje, Macedonia. With the economy in recession and wage payments months overdue Vele, a mechanic who work in a train depot, struggles to afford medicine for his ailing father afflicted with a cancer. When he accidentally finds in a wagon a packet of marijuana, clandestinely smuggled and hidden on an incoming train, he steals it to make a cake for his father, to relieve his pains and passing it off as an experimental new treatment. Soon the grapevine is buzzing with news of Vele’s miraculous healing powers and he suddenly finds himself cornered by an odd-couple of gangster goons on the trail of the drugs and the nosy neighbors who queue outside his apartment door to clamor the recipe for the “healing” cake.



Wednesday 26 September – 1.00 pm
ANTEO Palazzo del Cinema – Sala Astra, Milano