Leave to Remain

Directed by Bruce Goodison
UK / 2013 / 89’
Toby Jones (Nigel), Noof Ousellam (Omar), Masieh Zarrien (Abdul), Yasmin Mwanza (Zizidi), Simon Meacock (l’assistente sociale/the social worker), Gloire Mbote (Big Man), Tressy Nzau (Umi)

Every year thousands of teenagers land in UK, alone. They are asylum seekers, cast away from their homes who have now learn to survive, at any cost. Nigel, a deeply committed mentor, is the teacher and personal supporter of these minors. At the shelter for homeless teens, amongst the others, there are Zizidi, Omar and Abdul, an Afghan boy newly arrived. His arrival sets off a chain of events that jeopardises the future of those closest to him. The hope to get a “leave to remain” to stay in the UK, often hinges on just how good a story you can tell.

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