Lotta di classe, il cinema dei ragazzi di Emilio Sidoti

BFM — 40
BFM — 40
The Children’s Cinema of Teacher Sidoti
30 March
Directed by Demetrio Giacomelli OUT OF COMPETITIONItalian title: Lotta di classe, il cinema dei ragazzi di Emilio Sidoti
Italy / 2021 / 103 min.
Colour / O.V.
Emilio Sidoti, Ugo Collura, Giorgio Fazio, Franco Sirello, Erasmo Cani, Lucio Nocerino, Deborah Recagno, Giorgio Bolla, Franco Caserta

At the end of the 1960s, Emilio Sidoti, an elementary school teacher in Albisola, decided to make films with his young students wanting to help develop their critical gaze. This is how Cinema dei Ragazzi was born, the first experience of ‘school with cinema’ in Italy, which will generate over twenty films, all shot in Super 8 and mostly written, directed and edited entirely by children. The children of that time, now adults, share with us how this unique experience affected them.


Demetrio Giacomelli – (Genoa, Italy, 1986) studied painting at the Accademia ligustica of Fine Arts in Genoa and after graduating he then moved to Milan, where he worked as an assistant to the director Paolo Caredda. In 2014 he founded with Matteo Gatti and Matteo Signorelli Progetto Aves, an artistic group that researches the relationship between citizen and animal. In 2017 he made the documentary Diorama, awarded at the Turin Film Festival.

Essential filmography

The Kennel (short doc., 2021)
Lotta di classeil cinema dei ragazzi di Emilio Sidoti (doc., 2021)
L’uomo raccoglitore (doc., 2019)
Drive-In (short, 2018)
Un’estate a Milano (short doc., 2018)
L’estinzione Rende Liberi (doc., 2017)
Il Secondino Innamorato (short doc., 2017)
Diorama (doc., 2017)
Mal d’Archivio (doc., 2016)

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