Lycka till och ta hand om varandra

Good Luck. And Take Care of Each Other
Directed by Jens Sjögren Italian title: Good Luck. And Take Care of Each Other
Sweden / 2012 / 95'
Bengt C.W. Carlsson (Alvar), Claudia Neij (Miriam), Leif Ahrle (Stig), Ia Langhammer (Mona), Johan Ulveson (Rolf), Eleonora Gröning (Gunilla), Ika Nord (la madre di Miriam/Miriam's mother), Fredrik

Alvar is a lonely elderly widow with a passion for modeling. Hidden from everyone, in the garage of his home, builds scenery as a set for his memories and his fantasies. One day by chance he meets Miriam, a young girl lively and obstinate but very weird. Among them immediately arises a spontaneous and unconventional friendship, that becomes a sort of common purpose when they decide to work as a team to inspire the world through bizarre art installations. In this universe so dreamy and naive, full of odd events, there is a little room for reality. But at some point they are forced to a confrontation, and each of them have to deal with their own mistakes.

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