Directed by Michael Koch
Germany, Switzerland / 2016 / 101'
Margarita Breitkreiz (Marija), Georg Friedrich (Georg), Olga Dinnokova (Olga), Sahin Eryilmaz (Cem)

Marija, a Ukrainian immigrant, ekes out a living by cleaning hotel rooms in Dortmund. But she dreams of owning her own hair salon and each month puts aside some money, hiding it in a secret place in the run-down apartment in which she lives. When the hotel manager fires her, the dream of Marija falters and she is forced to look for alternatives to survive. One evening she knows Georg, who proposes to become his assistant. Charming and cheeky, but also sensitive and generous, Marija is determined to achieve her goal; even if it means sacrificing her own feelings. Around her there is a world which is irreverent and insensitive to human misery.

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