BFM — 42
BFM — 42
15 March
Sala dell’Orologio – Piazza della Libertà
Directed by Emily NorlingItalian title: Megaheartz
Sweden, Norway / 2023 / 80 min.
col. / O.V. / Subtitles: o.v. sub. it./en.
Emma Broomé, Bambi Jaquline Ronneklew, Sofie Brideman-Williams, Caroline Nord, Linus Öhrn, Ines Jaballah, Sonia Ouazzi

Megaheartz is a hybrid documentary that takes you on an inward trip, following four intersecting stories about love and madness. There is Emma, who obsesses about her former lover Ernie. He wants her to come to Ibiza and leave everything behind. Sofie, who holds on to a souvenir that ties her to the past. Jacqueline, who bounces between rehab and The Grand Hotel. Her recurring question is – why do we destroy ourselves to the extent that we are reborn again? We also meet the director Emily, who receives a phone call from her grandmother that forces her to revisit a house somewhere in the back of her memory.

Presentation with director and assistant director + Q&A.

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