Miehen työ

Man's Job
Directed by Aleksi SalmenperaItalian title: Man's Job
Finland / 2007 / 100'
Tommi Korpela (Juha), Maria Heiskanen (Katja), Jani Volanen (Olli), Konsta Pylkkönen (Akseli), Stan Saanila (Jamppa), Sara Paavolainen (Ritva), Minna Suuronen (Kirsti), Tiina Weckström

Father of three children, Juha is a caring husband to his depressed wife. Every morning, before leaving the house, he counts her pills to make sure she has taken the correct dose (and not too many pills). He does his best to keep his family together, even as he gets fired and starts running out of money. There aren’t many career opportunities left for Juha, and whilst trying his hand as an odd job man, a female client suggests he come to her bedroom and help her relax… Juha is thus rewarded handsomely for his services. When he tells his friend Olli, rather than being shocked the latter suggests that he find and manage clients for Juha.

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