Mobile Home

Directed by François Pirot
Belgium / Luxembourg / France / 2012 / 95'
Arthur Dupont (Simon), Guillaume Gouix (Julien), Jean-Paul Bonnaire (Luc), Claudine Pelletier (Monique), Jackie Berroyer (Jean-Marie), Anne-Pascal Clairembourg (Sylvie), Eugénie Anselin (Maya), Cathe

After having left Li?ge, his job and broken up with his girlfriend, Simon has come back to his small hometown in the Belgian countryside. Here he meets up again with his old friend Julien, who still lives with his elderly father. The two thirty-year-old, idle and unemployed men, decide to reinvest in an old dream from their teenage years: hitting the road for an adventurous journey. They buy a huge motor-home, but a series of troubles ?force? them, from time to time, to delay the trip. So they decide to start their journey? right where they are. Through this first ?motionless? stage of their trip, Simon and Julien are confronted with themselves and what they wanted to run away from, in the balance between the need to escape and the need for roots and ties.

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