Il muro
Directed by Dariusz GlazerItalian title: Il muro
Poland / 2014 / 80’
Tomasz Schuchardt (Mariusz), Aleksandra Konieczna (la madre di Mariusz/Mariusz’s mother), Marta Nieradkiewicz (Agata), Krzysztof Olszewski (Piotrek, il piccoletto “Maly”/the Tiny), Ewa Kolasinsk

Mariusz is an ambitious young man grew up fast, now looking for redemption and independence. Having worked as a contractor on a newly built estate in the city, he makes up his mind to rent a flat there. He leaves the run-down tenement house where so far he lived with his depressed mother, and with whom has never gotten along, and tries to cut ties with the past. A past that also meant wits and illegal activities. In the new building he knows Agata, a young single mother (daughter of an architect) and thinks he could fall in love; and maybe have a family of his own. But life, which has never been kind to him, rapidly strips him of his illusions. And after all Mariusz realizes that maybe he is not quite ready to jump over that wall.

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