Nadia et les hippopotames

Nadia e gli ippopotami
Directed by Dominique CabreraItalian title: Nadia e gli ippopotami
France / 2000 / 100'
Ariane Ascaride (Nadia), Marilyne Canto (Claire), Thierry Frémont (Serge), Philippe Fretun (Jean-Paul), Olivier Gourmet (Andre), Pierre Berriau (Gérard)

November/December 1995, and France is paralysed by the transportation strikes. The huge traffic jams oblige Parisians to walk or cycle their way through the winter months. Nadia is a young woman who survives on minimum allowance with her six-month-old son, Christopher. One day whilst watching the news, she thinks she recognises the baby’s missing father in a crowd of striking rail-workers at Austerlitz station. She decides to go and find him.

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