Neden Tarkovski olamiyorum…

Perché non posso essere Tarkovskij [t.l.]
Directed by Murat DüzgünogluItalian title: Perché non posso essere Tarkovskij [t.l.]
Turkey / 2014 / 87'
Tansu Biçer, Esra Kizildogan, Vuslat Saraçoglu, Menderes Samancilar, Recep Yener, Sacide Tasaner, Kadim Yasar, Antonio Stokes

Bahadir, an aspiring 35-year-old director, manages his life making cheap television films inspired by the stories of Turkish folk songs. But his greatest dream is to make at least one movie like his idol: Andrey Tarkovsky. In between there are the difficulties of everyday life: bills to pay, housemates a bit rough and unreliable, a girlfriend who does not feel sufficiently understood and appreciated, the parents and the family home. Frustration is the only faithful companion, especially when he is on the set of his movie and has to deal with very limited production resources and always arranged solutions. There is only an old writer with whom Bahadir has a special feeling, maybe the only one able to have a pure relationship with life

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