Odyssée de Choum

BFM — 39
BFM — 39
Shooom's Odyssey

Available online April 26th and 27th on Cineteca di Milano

Directed by Julien BisaroItalian title: L'odissea di Shoom [t.l.]
France, Belgium / 2019 / 26 min.
Colour / no dialogue

Shooom, a baby owl, hatches just as a storm turns the bayou surrounding her tree upside down. No sooner has she fallen from her nest, then the little fledgling totters off into the mangrove, pushing a second egg from the brood along with her. Come hell or high water, she’s determined to find a mother… even if that mom turns out to be an alligator or a raccoon!


L’odyssée de choum (Shooom’s Odyssey, TV short, 2020)
Bang Bang! (short, 2014)

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