Ombre a Mezzogiorno

BFM — 41
BFM — 41
Southern Wind
16 March
Cinema Teatro del Borgo
Directed by Enrico CarnuccioItalian title: Ombre a Mezzogiorno
Italy / 2023 / 75 min.
col. and b/n / O.V. / Subtitles: English
Ombre a Mezzogiorno is an immersion in the double identity. Rita and Tullio face their own family uprooting against the backdrop of a Turin in post-industrial transition, while carrying on a dialogue with a remote southern region, Calabria, in an advanced state of depopulation and dangerous abandonment. Distant and opposite processes intertwine in a debut that chooses the autobiographical tool to delve into one of the priority issues in Italian society.

Introduction with the director and the producer + Q&A

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