Directed by Valéry RosierItalian title: Parasole
Belgium / 2015 / 73'
Alfie Thomson (Alfie), Yosko Péré (Péré), Julienne Goeffers (Annie), Christian Carre (Christian), Ahilen Saldano (Ahilen)

Palma de Mallorca, vacations, a summer ending. In this suspended space-time where everything seems possible Annie, Alfie and Péré try to come up as something different from themselves. Annie, a bit older strong-willed lady, is ready to do anything she can just to get a 2.0 love affair; Alfie, a shy young man at his first experiences, immediately chooses the wrong company; Péré, the driver of the tourist train, is looking for an opportunity to be a better father than he has been and tries to get by deception (and some trouble) one more day to spend with his daughter Ahilen. Annie, Alfie and Péré have never met each other, but they have something in common: a solitary existence, the nostalgia for a past that probably never was and the determination to make things change. No matter the cost of showing very ridiculous and find themselves helpless to cope with their fragility.

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