BFM — 40
BFM — 40
01 April
Directed by Maja BorgItalian title: Passione [t.l.]
Sweden, Spain / 2021 / 92 min.O.V. / Subtitles: it./en.

Having escaped a destructive relationship, Maja Borg explores two ritual practices: Christianity and BDSM. At first glance, the two could hardly be further apart, but perhaps there is a spiritual kinship between religion and subculture in terms of their healing power. Borg confronts herself and her deeply personal traumas, while exploring the European queer scene and the Christian heritage of northern Europe to find back her own core.

Presentation with the director + Q&A


Maja Borg – (Norrköping, Suède, 1982) is an internationally award-winning visual artist and film director working across documentary, fiction and experimental film. Her first short To She In Me (2005) was selected for the Culture Bound 7, East Wing Collection at the Courtauld Institute, London. Her first documentary, graduation film Look at Lucia (2006) won several awards in Europe. Her work is often focused on the deconstruction of culture, economy, sexuality, mythology and language itself.

Essential filmography

Passion (doc, 2021)
We the Others (doc short, 2014)
Future My Love (doc, 2012)
On Your Back Woman! (short, 2009)
Ottica Zero (short doc, 2007)
Construct- Two Moments in Beauty (short, 2007)
Se pa Lucia (Look at Lucia, doc, 2006)
To She In Me (short, 2005)

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