Pizza in Auschwitz

Directed by Moshe Zimerman
Israel / 2008 / 52'

Despite being a documentary about concentration camps, Pizza in Auschwitz contains a whole lot of black humour. The title already suggests the film’s tone. And the jokes are painful ones, too. To Danny Hanoch, jokes have become the only way to deal with his past. Pizza in Auschwitz is the story of a man who survived a five-year-detention in a concentration camp and finally convinced his kids to visit them with him. The goal of the trip is to spend a night in Auschwitz in the same barracks where he once had to sleep. A bitter argument ensues with the camp officer, and not until he waves his number-tattooed arm does Danny get what he wants. Filmmaker Moshe Zimmerman concentrates on the chaotic trip to get to the camp. The result is a film about the Hanochs, as they deal with the misery stemming from their past, and as they manage to get by in spite of it. This is a film full of sadness and self-mockery.

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