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BFM — 40
BFM — 40
Night of the Carrots
28 March
Directed by Priit PärnItalian title: La notte delle carote [t.l.]
Estonia / 1998 / 29 min.
Colour / O.V. / Subtitles: it.

In a world where rabbits rule the world, they are attempting a secret plot in an entity called “PGI”. Meanwhile, the residents of “PGI” are caught up in their own dreams. The hope that remains is the “Night of the Carrots” miracle. The film was made when it was anticipated that an impending catastrophe was about and is a reflection of that.


«When within the first few minutes of a film, the wheels of a pivotal character’s bike grind down to squares, it can only be assumed that the maker has his own unique take on life’s daily frustrations. When the matter-of-fact narration reveals this same character’s distaste for right-angles (they cause ‘nausea’), and he suffers the affront of trying to book into the PGI (a hotel? a hospital? a lunatic asylum?) – a castle-like building in weirdly faux-cubist style – well, you get the idea… Hyperbole is layered on thick, in distended layers.»

(Alice Elms, “Priit Parn: Night of the Carrots”, manipulatefestivalblog.com)

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