Giulio Questi Award 2017

13 June
Auditorium – Piazza della Libertà

Bergamo to host the second edition of the Giulio Questi Award. 2.000 euros to support and promote short films by young authors.

The jury of the second edition of the Award – aimed at young authors – has been appointed. The jury will be composed of Stefano Consiglio (director), Francesco Cordio (independent video maker), Alberto Crespi (film critic), Alberto Muciaccia(photographer), Silvia Napolitano (screenwriter), Bia Sarasini (journalist) and Angelo Signorelli (Bergamo Film Meeting artistic director).

The City of Bergamo and the Giulio Questi Award Association, in collaboration with Bergamo Film Meeting Onlus, will honour Giulio Questi, one of the most eccentric personalities of Italian cinema, by hosting the second edition of the Awarddedicated to his memory.
Eligible to compete for the 2.000 euros award, created to support and promote the works of young authors of all nationalities aged between 18 and 27, are short films of a duration of at least 3′ and maximum 15′.

Applications for the Giulio Questi Award, organized by Bergamo Film Meeting Onlus, must be submitted no later than May 21st, 2017, exclusively through the FilmFreeway platform:
Each author can compete with only one submission, in digital format; foreign language films can be submitted only if accompanied by Italian subtitles; films made before the award, that have already participated in other competitions, will also be accepted.

All submissions will be evaluated by a jury of experts, who will select 5 finalists. The winner of the Giulio Questi Award will be announced on Tuesday evening June 13th, 2017; on such occasion, all 5 finalist films will be presented to the audience.

The 5 finalists

Fiammifero by Lorenzo Ambrosino (Italy, 2016, 13′)

Fantasten by Willi Kubica (Germany, 2017, 9′ 50″)

Nuova Zita by Antonio Di Biase (Italy, 2016, 11′)

Fare thee well/La Fonte  by Mattia Venturi (Italy, 2015, 9′)

All about Emily  by Valentina Casadei  (Italy/France, 2016, 8′)

Giulio Questi Award

The Questi Award is dedicated to the memory of the Italian director and screenwriter – born in Bergamo in 1924, died in 2014 – author of Se sei vivo spara (Django Kill!) and La morte ha fatto l’uovo (Death Laid an Egg), among other films.

«Giulio left Bergamo as a young man and rekindled his relationship with his hometown in the last years of his life», said Giulio Questi’s widow Diana Donatelli, «In his works, both cinema and literature, many settings and backgrounds lead back to his memories of these places. Memories of his youth. Giulio loved introducing the young to literature and cinema. So, during a sleepless night, the Giulio Questi Award was conceived and it seemed only natural that his hometown should host it. Giulio, with his lopsided grin, would have been very happy». 

«Bergamo, a city with a solid and already established tradition of film culture, lacked an award targeted to young filmmakers: we, therefore, gladly welcomed Diana Donatelli’s wish to bring here the award dedicated to his late husband, the first edition of which was hosted last year in Rome» said Bergamo’s Arts and Culture City Councilor Nadia Ghisalberti. «The award aims to celebrate a Bergamo-born filmmaker, whose highly original work was often considered controversial, but also his attention to young filmmakers and his commitment to promote their artistic and professional contribution. Thus, Bergamo gains yet another initiative dedicated to the seventh art, in the spirit of our mission to make Bergamo the “home city of quality cinema”».

The winners

Fiammifero by Lorenzo Ambrosino (Italy, 2016) and Fare thee well/La fonte by Mattia Venturi (Italy, 2015) are the two ex aequo winners of the second edition of the Giulio Questi Award, created to to support and promote the works of young authors of all nationalities aged between 18 and 27!


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