Directed by Marek StacharskiItalian title: Perdono
Poland / 2006 / 89'
Bartosz Turzynski (Stan), Aleksandra Niespielak (Joanna), Marta Malikowska (Anka), Wojciech Czerwinski (Gobi),Janusz Chabior (Borek), Eryk Lubos (Benek), Gabriela Kownacka (madre di Stan)

As he gets mixed up in a street gang, 20-year-old Stan lives a schizophrenic life: during the day he has a decent job as a mechanic, at night he escapes his joyless family life, glad to get away from his alcoholic mother and little sister Ilonka. He gets up to any kind of tricks, including robbery and the gang rape of a young woman. On the run from one of his felonies, he injures his leg and needs treatment. In hospital he recognizes his victim in the nurse looking after him. She is having an unsatisfactory affair with a doctor discouraging her from notifying the police. Stan feels he has to make up for his errors, and starts to take an interest in the young girl. She seems to appreciate it, even though she is determined to follow her father to America.

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