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BFM — 39
BFM — 39
Full Moon

Available online from 26 to 28 April on MYmovies.it

Directed by Nermin HamzagicItalian title: Luna piena
Bosnia and Herzegovina / 2019 / 85 min.
Colour / O.V. / Subtitles: sub. it./en.
Alban Ukaj , Ermin Sijamija, Izudin Bajrovic, Muhamed Hadzovic, Jasna Diklic

A Full Moon night. Hamza, a police inspector, takes his wife to the maternity ward. Her water broke and the doctor orders an urgent delivery. Hamza is worried but he has to leave her – he wasn’t able to get the night off. At the police station the usual problems await: generally his colleagues are willing to overcome these in return for bribes, Hamza however resolves to escape the cycle of corruption and manages to find a balance between the competing interests of a corrupt system and his own sense of empathy and yet, sooner or later, he has a choice to make between neglect of duty and becoming part of the system.


Nermin Hamzagić –– (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina,1986) he is graduated at the Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo, where he works as an assistant professor. His documentary Dreamers has been selected for the 15th Sarajevo Film Festival and Chicago International Film Festival in 2010, and was nominated for the Silver Eye Award at the East Silver Market in Prague. In 2009, his short film Lift has been awarded at the International Film Festival «Europe Is Here», Plovdiv. His He also directed two documentary films for Al Jazeera: Dream Job and Canceled.

«Full Moon is my first feature film, and it tells the story of a society deeply rooted in corruption and the never ending social and culture transition, under a heavy burden of the past with an uncertain future. When we admit our individual responsibility, only then we can achieve the change we are longing for as a society. The main character Hamza, represents a generation determined to do so.»

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