Rock ba’kasba

Rock the Casbah
Directed by Yariv HorowitzItalian title: Rock the Casbah
Israel / France / 2012 / 93'
Yon Tumarkin (Tomer), Roy Nik (Aki), Henry David (Iliya), Lavi Zytner (Izak), Yotam Ishay (Ariel), Iftach Rave (Haim), Angel Bonanni (Haliva), Shmulik Chelben (Israel), Khaula Al Haji-Daibsi (Samira),

1989, the first Palestinian Intifada. In an era of increasing demands for independence, the State of Israel sends young soldiers to oversee the Arab population in the Occupied Territories. During a routine patrol, one of them gets killed. The 18-year-old Tomer, together with other three young companions stationed in Gaza, is commanded to take up position on the roof top of a Palestinian family in order to keep a close watch on the neighborhood and find the responsible. The rookies will have to find their place in the chaos surrounding them, coming to a new insight not only about the political but existential situation as well.

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