Rose Garden

Giardino di rose
Directed by Keren CytterItalian title: Giardino di rose
Germany / 2014 / 9'
Winch Eagleton (il ragazzo), Sara Gaston (la madre), Chris Hutchinson (il padre), Otis Ike (il camionista), Emily Peacock (la ragazza), John Gremillian (il fidanzatino), Wayne Gilbert (il cliente B)

Keren Cytter’s “Rose Garden” (2014) depicts a tragic story that takes place in a Texan bar. It’s drastic course and the lightness of the composition are opposing each other contrapuntally. A virtually musical arrangement is formed by the repetitive employment of various elements (theme music, changing atmospheres, rifle shots). The therein presented, almost emotionless acceptance of death is contrasted by the narrative of a father speaking to his son. Rose Garden explicitly criticizes the bigot mixture of family values, American gun laws and societal behavioral patterns in general.

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