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Quando la terra sembra leggera
Directed by Tamuna Karumidze, Salome Machaidze, David MeskhiItalian title: Quando la terra sembra leggera
Georgian Republic, Germany / 2015 / 75'
Sandro Popxadze, Mischka Sulakauri, Giorgi Patarkacishvili, Mirian Sulakauri, Sandro Sulakauri, Giorgi Xvitia, NIka chavchavadze, Maxime Machaidze, Lukas Ionesko, Teko Matakheria Anka Bochorishvili

How to survive when you are sixteen in an almost forgotten country. Crashed by the power of church and politics, some kids with their skateboards try to find their spaces in abandoned buildings, under overpasses and other “non-places”, spending their evenings throwing Molotov cocktails at a concrete slope. Their tattoos are a diary you can’t escape from that tells what they feel: the naïve, but nonetheless lively, quest for a romantic freedom and recklessness of the future.

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