Directed by Valentin Hotea
Romania / Hungary / 2013 / 97’
Serban Pavlu (Tavi), Diana Dumbrava (Roxana), Anghel Damian (Victor), Mihai Calin (Sandu), Adrian Vancica (Cretu), Corina Moise (Oana), Valeria Seciu (Coca), Ingrid Bisu (Miki)

Bucharest, 2009. Twenty years after Romanian Revolution, Tavi Ionescu, a 35-year-old nice but quite immature guy for his age, requests access to the file drawn up against him by the Romanian Secret Police (Securitate) during Ceausescu’ regime. From the papers, he finds out that he could be the father of a son he didn’t know about. Then Tavi starts his own secret investigation, caught by a complicated past that now comes to reveal ugly hidden truths, messing up his life and the life’s of the ones close to him. For the first time in his life, Tavi is forced to take really mature decisions.

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