Schuld sind immer die Anderen

Shifting the Blame
Directed by Lars-Gunnar Lotz Italian title: Shifting the Blame
Germany / 2012 / 93'
Edin Hasanovic (Benjamin), Julia Brendler (Eva), Marc Ben Puch (Niklas), Pit Bukowski (Tobi), Natalia Rudziewicz (Mariana), Aram Arami (Emre), Oliver Konletzny (Alex), Kais Setti (Samir), Alexander Be

Ben is a violent young man who has gone down the wrong path. But social worker Niklas offers him the chance of a fresh start at Waldhaus: a rehabilitation project under probation in a family-like community. There are neither fences nor walls, but a strict daily routine, never ending rules and evaluations that enable a rise in hierarchy. When Niklas’ wife, Eva, returns at Walhaus after an absence, Ben is shocked. Indeed Eva has been one of his victims. Ben does his best not to attract attention, but Eva soon starts to suspect something. What they live together evolves into a crucial test for them both.

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