Senza fine

Directed by Roberto CuzzilloItalian title: Neverending
Italy / 2008 / 75'
Cristina Serafini, Irene Ivaldi, Lalli, Margherita Fumero, Simona Nasi, Marcella Enrico

After many years together in Turin, a city that seems to ignore them, Giulia and Chiara decide to become a family and to undergo artificial insemination. A difficult experience starts, made up of bureaucracy, a trip to a Dutch clinic, Giulia’s mother’s feelings towards her sill unborn grand-child, etc. This all brings about difficulties, emotions, happiness, but the two of them live everything together, sharing every experience, at least until something unexpected troubles their plans. An illness creeps in their relationship and upsets it. Giulia and Chiara visit another hospital, but things are now much harder to share. Time becomes an issue, waiting turns into anguish and pain. This is a film about love and the desire to become a parent, but also on fear and lying which inevitably threaten a solid relationship, as well as a loving project, such as Giulia and Chiara’s.

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