Senza perdere la tenerezza

Story of Sergio
Directed by Francesca BalboItalian title: Story of Sergio
Italy / 2007 / 19'
Sergio Ferrio

Sergio works as a fisherman. His family has always lived on fishing in the Venetian lagoon. To find shelter from the rain, many years ago his father and brother he built a cabin with on Giudecca island near old Stucky Mill. Sergio is deeply interested in Japan, where he landed as a young sailor. His cabin’s walls are therefore covered with Japanese pictures and prints, which make it a pretty surreal space. Its door is always open and the whole neighbourhood often comes to pay Sergio a visit. Some bring him bread and newspapers, some others come to have a sip of wine or to have lunch with him. Such is his everyday life. Sergio is not giving it up, although Stucky Mill’s (now Venice Hilton’s) massive renovation has severely damaged Sergio’s log.

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